Youthful Impact

by Merle Nisly
It seems we love to label and categorize people. We’ve given  labels to our age groups–like Boomers, Gen X, Y, and Millennials–presumably to better understand why people think as they do. It seems these affect our expectations of people, and maybe unfairly limit those partnerships we could be developing.

To me, now a bona fide senior citizen, it is fun to watch young people break stereotypes and to make an unpredictable impact in our world. The younger people featured in these stories have shown a kind of energy and purpose that spreads hope and optimism in the face of fear and negativity.

We may do well to avoid labels and generalizations of all people-especially the upcoming generations that we older ones compare to our own. It will be a lot more helpful and encouraging if we can inspire purpose, energy, and skill development that spreads the essence and the glory of the Kingdom we are a part of.