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Hopelines March 2024

Miracles and Answered Prayer
By Rodney Martin, Thunder Bay

Miracles. When it comes to miracles in the Bible, we often see an event or situation that involves a powerful move or a powerful display of God’s power. The display often surpasses our natural laws or understanding. These miracles are extraordinary occurrences that can only be explained and attributed to the supernatural work of God. Whenever God does miracles in the Bible, it is to reveal Himself: His character, His love, and His purposes to us.
Miracles can provide evidence of God’s power and presence to the world and demonstrate His authority and love on behalf of His servants. A miracle can be performed directly by God or through His servants. Other words used to describe God’s miracles in the bible are signs and wonders (often used together), powers, and mighty works. And quite often, as believers, we share these testimonies of God’s miracles to encourage one another.

Hopelines December 2023


Living Hope hired Rodney Martin in August as Public Relations Director. He is originally from Constance Lake and pastored in Sachigo Lake for a time. His contribution to the organization is invaluable. Here is his perspective on partnership: 

What does partnership look like? The question when posed seemed to baffle me, because it was something I never really thought about. So when I looked up the definition, this is what I found: A partnership consists of two or more people who combine their resources for a greater purpose.

And that was when I began to feel very uncomfortable. “Two people combine their resources…” What could I, as a First Nation person, possibly bring to the table that has any value? My native mindset is telling me, “this will be a very unbalanced, one sided partnership.” (Kind of like my partnership with Christ…but that’s another topic.) But if I’m honest, in my mind this will seem more like a white dominated partnership where once again I’m defaulted to live on handouts and sympathy, having made no real contribution to this relationship.

Hopelines March 2023

Discipleship – Is It Happening?

By Mary Keesic

One of the values of Living Hope Native Ministries is to develop local churches that disciple believers to learn and grow in faith and in their knowledge of Jesus. Why is discipleship important? In our busy world, is discipleship happening?

By definition, a disciple is a learner, a follower of Jesus. He is teachable and in training by instruction and exercise to grow into a mature believer. Jesus said in Matthew 29:19, “Go…and make disciples of all the nations”.

Hopelines December 2022

Living Hope Staff Celebrate God’s Faithfulness as they Reflect on Blessings and Challenges in 2022

Jamie and Rhonda Thornton live in Parry Sound, where God has faithfully opened doors for new relationships in the communities in the Georgian Bay area. They are blessed to reconnect with young people after the pandemic, and enjoy talking about faith and answering questions about Jesus. Their hope is to start a drop-in centre for First Nations youth. Jamie and Rhonda thrive on stepping out to journey with friends through the highs and lows of life, all the while pointing them to the hope that can only be found in Jesus.

Kevin and Norma Moore share the highlights of 2022 in Sudbury…

Hopelines September 2022

A quarterly publication presenting news and stories of Living Hope Native Ministries, a partnership dedicated to serving the First Nations of Ontario. Several informational evenings were held in Pennsylvania and Delaware at the end of June. Stuart and Delores Swartzentruber and Jeff and Mary Kirkpatrick shared ministry updates, and connected with interested supporters while enjoying…
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Hopelines June 2022

A quarterly publication presenting news and stories of Living Hope Native Ministries, a partnership dedicated to serving the First Nations of Ontario.

Do you feel called to share God’s love with children and teens? Two communities have openings for people who are willing to serve by assisting with established ministries for young people.

Two churches are looking for people to join them in serving and strengthening the local fellowship of believers. The ideal candidate is willing to serve, learn from, and care for the church in a small town setting.

Hopelines March 2022

Legacies of Hope and Purpose

In Memory of Goyce Kakegamic and Jim Keesic

By Merle Nisly

Even while we commit our ways and our days into God’s hands, sometimes we are forced to make drastic changes to our plans and to our perspective on the future.

December 2021 has brought into sharp focus the reality of death and the uncertainties about the plans we make for ourselves and for our families. Within a week, two elders who were dear friends of ours left their spouses, families, and communities grieving their sudden passing.

It makes us wonder if, or when, our plans for life and for family will be altered just as suddenly. Would I adapt and embrace the new outlook in similar circumstances?

Hopelines December 2021

Year in Review: 2021
Adjusting to the Changes in Ministry Life

It is a joy to share the following updates with you. Once again, this year-end reflection shows God’s faithfulness as the LHNM team looks back on a year which was still affected by the pandemic—probably more than anyone would have guessed!

Hopelines September 2021

New Connections in Parry Sound

By Jamie Thornton
Over the years I’ve enjoyed following the Living Hope Native Ministries (LHNM) website and looked forward to receiving the Hopelines newsletter in the mail. Rhonda and I feel blessed and humbled to be able to share our calling to serve with you in this issue.

Where we live in Parry Sound, Ontario there is only a swing bridge separating the town from Parry Island (Wasauksing First Nation). When I started school in the mid 60’s many of the students from Wasauksing were bused to Isabella school where I attended and many friendships where formed. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for our First Nations neighbours….

Hopelines June 2021: Staff Edition

Tensions that Strengthen

By Stuart Swartzentruber
I have memories of baling hay as a boy on our farm in Delaware. The hay was compacted into a chamber where strands of twine were knotted around the bale. The right amount of tension was needed to produce a bale that was firm, but not too heavy. Too little tension and the bales were soft and unstackable; too much tension and the bales were heavy and the twine in danger of snapping. I remember tightening or loosening the tension on the machine.

Words like “restriction,” “stress,” “tension,” and “constraint” bring up negative emotions in many of us these days. But can there be tensions that strengthen? Is there a stress that produces beauty?