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Created for a Purpose

By Stuart Swartzentruber

My Mom likes old things. She had antiques around our house when I was growing up and still has many around today. One item in particular that I remember from my youth is an old black iron. My Mom used it for a door stop, and I remember stubbing my toes on it many times with my bare feet.

That iron was created long ago to be used to take wrinkles out of clothes. It was designed and built with that purpose specifically in mind. It can also make an amazing door stop or a book end, but the purpose and potential it was designed for is missed when it is used in that way.

Financial Review

We are pleased to be able to provide you with LHNM’s financial overview for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022. LHNM believes in accountability and as such is a member of the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities. Part of that accountability is having an external financial audit done annually. We are grateful to God and his people for financial provisions. Thank you for choosing to support Living Hope Native Ministries through your prayers and finances. With so many needs around the world we are humbled that you choose to give toward this ministry. LHNM wants to steward the gifts given responsibly.

Hopelines September 2022

A quarterly publication presenting news and stories of Living Hope Native Ministries, a partnership dedicated to serving the First Nations of Ontario. Several informational evenings were held in Pennsylvania and Delaware at the end of June. Stuart and Delores Swartzentruber and Jeff and Mary Kirkpatrick shared ministry updates, and connected with interested supporters while enjoying…
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Learning from Others

By Stuart Swartzentruber

Recently I was listening to a podcast where pastor and writer, Albert Tate, was being interviewed. In the interview he talked about the need for churches to be places where different cultures and backgrounds are celebrated and individualism is kept in check. Tate said, “If you come from a completely different culture, how am I gonna love you well if I completely ignore your culture…What does it mean for me to be invited to carry your burden and share your burden and not be your burden.”

Hopelines June 2022

A quarterly publication presenting news and stories of Living Hope Native Ministries, a partnership dedicated to serving the First Nations of Ontario.

Do you feel called to share God’s love with children and teens? Two communities have openings for people who are willing to serve by assisting with established ministries for young people.

Two churches are looking for people to join them in serving and strengthening the local fellowship of believers. The ideal candidate is willing to serve, learn from, and care for the church in a small town setting.

A Winter Road and Answered Prayers

By Jeff Kirkpatrick and Colleen Estes

Near the end of February, a trailer home was delivered to Pikangikum via the winter road. This delivery is the culmination of over two years of prayer and hard work by Terry Janzen in partnership with Colleen Estes in Pikangikum. In June 2019, Terry led a six-member team from Shantz Mennonite Church in Baden, Ontario to visit Pikangikum with a desire to see first-hand the ministry needs.

Important News for our LHNM Family

By Clarence Meekis, LHNM Board Chair

Stuart and Delores Swartzentruber have been serving us faithfully and with passion and dedicated commitment for the last few years in what has been an agreed upon position as interim Executive Director. At the last LHNM Board meeting in November 2021, Stuart informed the board that they will be ending the active leadership work and position of Executive Director on November 1, 2022.

I See Jesus in You

By Stuart Swartzentruber

Recently I sat in a Sunday service at New Hope Fellowship in Thunder Bay listening to a new Christian describe what drew him to follow Jesus. He said that he saw happiness and passion when individuals talked about Jesus. As he became part of the group, he observed how people took care of, prayed, and shared love with one another. He said, “I saw Jesus from looking at you. When I talk to you, I see Jesus’ personality in you.” I can think of no greater affirmation for a church than that comment! I was overwhelmed with gratefulness at that moment for the privilege of belonging to this local expression of the body of Christ.

Hopelines March 2022

Legacies of Hope and Purpose

In Memory of Goyce Kakegamic and Jim Keesic

By Merle Nisly

Even while we commit our ways and our days into God’s hands, sometimes we are forced to make drastic changes to our plans and to our perspective on the future.

December 2021 has brought into sharp focus the reality of death and the uncertainties about the plans we make for ourselves and for our families. Within a week, two elders who were dear friends of ours left their spouses, families, and communities grieving their sudden passing.

It makes us wonder if, or when, our plans for life and for family will be altered just as suddenly. Would I adapt and embrace the new outlook in similar circumstances?

Hopelines December 2021

Year in Review: 2021
Adjusting to the Changes in Ministry Life

It is a joy to share the following updates with you. Once again, this year-end reflection shows God’s faithfulness as the LHNM team looks back on a year which was still affected by the pandemic—probably more than anyone would have guessed!