Admin Assistant

Job Description

The Administrative Assistant will work with the Executive Team and other office personnel to see that clerical, financial, and legal responsibilities of LHNM are fulfilled, and address the needs of LHNM applicants and personnel in a manner that encourages interest and prepares individuals for maximum effectiveness and motivation.

Detailed Responsibilities:

  • Office management
    • Manage mail and email communication
    • Manage office space, software updates, supplies, and activities
  • Assist with Compliance with requirements for registered charities in Canada
  • Assist with planning events
    • Staff development (e.g. staff meetings, prayer retreats)
    • Fundraising and public relations (e.g. banquet and other trips)
    • Board meetings
  • Assist with production and delivery of printed materials
  • Human Resources
    • Maintain staff files (e.g. annual renewals, job descriptions, background checks, budget worksheets)
    • Communicate with staff regarding policies; help find needed information
    • Review and update HR policies as needed
    • Assist with developing and communicating opportunities for ministry
    • Communicate effectively and promptly with applicants
    • Assist applicants with the procedures, checklists, and orientations
    • Encourage good communication between staff and administration, helping to identify concerns and opportunities for improvement
    • Assist other office staff in monitoring staff support levels
  • Assist with communication and paperwork for volunteer teams
  • Monitor insurance documents (e.g. property, directors) and assist property manager

Working Relationships:

  • Consults with and reports to the executive team
  • Consults with the bookkeeper and other staff periodically and as necessary

Working Conditions:

  • Location: This job is performed in Thunder Bay, ON
  • Overtime Requirements: A standard work week consists of 16 hours.
  • We are a Christian non-profit. We have daily prayer times and discuss our faith openly and often. Although faith in Jesus and the belief that salvation is by his grace alone is not required, the right candidate will be supportive and inclusive of this style of work.


  • Aptitude or gifts of organization or administration
  • Strong communication skills, oral and written
  • Some experience in people management
  • Experience in cross-cultural ministry
  • Steady, able to see projects to completion
  • Good relational skills

Time Allocation: 16 hours/week

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